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Yoga and pilates in Maidstone, Kent

about sally - founder of completely holistic fitness

Sally has enjoyed an 9 year career devoting herself completely to teaching Yoga and Pilates – and promoting the importance of movement in everybody she meets regardless of age or ability.  

Sally is qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga – the governing body of Yoga in the UK and is a highly respected teaching qualification recognised as being one of the best in the industry. She later qualified in Pilates with Future Fit Training and is now recognised on the Register of Exercise Professionals – Level 3. She continues to study many different styles of movement and bodywork with some of the world’s leading teachers, including David Sye at Yogabeats and David Swenson (ashtanga).

Sally’s own style of teaching is inspiring, informative and is always delivered with a sense of humour.  The spirit of her teaching is based on the idea of self inquiry and to cultivate an awareness of individual bodies and minds.

Sally’s introduction to holistic therapies began in 2000 when she was diagnosed with M.E. a chronic and debilitating illness which left her unable to work as a Legal P.A. in London.  She suffered frequent episodes of being house bound during her illness and often bed ridden.

It became a quest for Sally to recover.  Over the years she continued to research the many therapies available and finally recognised the benefits of listening to the body and how the body and mind responds to movement. And, more importantly the cycle of movement and rest. She studied the effects of stress on the body and was encouraged by the positive effects of yoga and meditation.

During this period of recovery Sally used massage therapy when her body was not well enough to move. She found the treatment so beneficial she went on to complete a Holistic  Massage Therapy course. She is now proud to be fully qualified and registered with ITEC. Sally is delighted to have gained this internationally recognised qualification and be able offer massage therapy to her clients.

It took many years to recover, but with continued dedication and a determined will to succeed, Sally says she is now fully recovered and is passionate about living a completely holistic lifestyle. Her programme to promote better health incorporates intelligent nutrition, recognising that the body and mind are not separate and learning to understand what works best for you. Above all, remembering that anything is possible if you want it enough and are willing to put the work in to achieve the desired results.

For Sally health and fitness has become a way of life.  She started running in her spare time in 2011 and by 2012 she had completed many competitive races in the UK – including 4 Half Marathon Events, and completed her first Marathon in 2012 at Loch Ness, Scotland which she said she thoroughly enjoyed!

Sally also continues to study. She is currently studying to become an Aromatherapist and will qualify with ITEC in 2014. She is already excited about offering this art and science of using plant oils in her healing treatments.

Aromatherapy being a truly holistic therapy, taking account of the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help, as well as their lifestyle, eating patterns and relationships.