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Yoga and pilates in Maidstone, Kent


Please see some of our testimonials below:

This is the place where the journey begins. Sally's yoga welcomes everyone. It advocates that yoga is something that is already within you. Whether you are just beginning your journey into yoga or have been practising for years, you will gain valuable knowledge and most importantly enjoyment and fulfilment through your practise with Sally.

Yoga with Sally is a time when I can safely experience emotions that cannot be expressed so easily at other times during my day. Here, I am encouraged to be creative and spontaneous, to re-kindle the curiosity about who I am and be unafraid of the exploration of my body.

There is no room for the past, there is no room for the future. You're engaged in the present moment.

I am privileged to have had many experiences of Sally's teaching. The beauty and appeal of it's power to heal, restore and transform.
Kiran Grewal, Maidstone, Kent
After years of misery living with a bad back, low energy and depression, the sun finally came out in the form of Miss Sally Talbot. In just a few one to one sessions I could feel my pain, flexibility and mood lift - and it continues to do so. I could not recommend or thank her enough for her work to date.
Paul Burfoot, owner and founder of Fish Hair Brand
Sally, that was a great class! Some well needed stretching for me. I went in not able to touch the floor whilst bending over and came out of class with two hands flat on the floor whilst bent over with my legs straight!!

You really are a fab teacher.
Jo - David Lloyd, Kings Hill, Kent
Sally, I need you every day of the week.
Catrin Woodend - Head Teacher!
Sally has been fantastic making Pilates easily understandable to me and my 14 year old daughter.  Thanks to Sally we have found an approach to focus on fitness, flexibility and relaxation which we both enjoy together.
Rekha and Anjali - Bearsted, Kent
I couldn't do without Sally in my life! Her yoga is fantastic! You feel energised, stretched and relaxed afterwards.

Also, her Pilates class is a MUST! At least twice a week! With her professional teaching you really notice a difference in your body shape and posture.

It's hard work - but I enjoy the results!
Jane Simpson - Rainham, Kent
Attending Sally's classes is a unique experience.  I can only describe it as being transported somewhere peaceful.

The way she structures the class you instantly find yourself parking your hassles and troubles of the moment for a quality hour.

I have also received some great individual and tailored advice suited to my body's needs at the time.

I can personally say I benefit from participating in Sally's fun classes.
Jo Dixon - Maidstone, Kent
I started practising Yoga with Sally at my local leisure centre in 2005.

I enjoyed the class so much that I followed Sally from one Leisure centre to another when she changed her location of work.

I have practised Yoga with various Yoga teachers and I have found Sally to be the best. I have also started practicing Pilates classes with Sally over the last year. She is one of the most inspiring, caring, motivating and considerate teachers I have met.

Sally has inspired me on to further my knowledge of Yoga. I have also just finished my unit 1 Teacher training course with BWY.
Shirley Hopson - Gillingham, Kent